Palazzo VII is a high end quality brand focused on creating pieces that present a sophisticated design and prioritize comfort. Each piece is handmade in Portugal with love.


The name "Palazzo" was inspired by the concept of a maison, a place where everything is familiar and handcrafted carefully with a purpose. The roman numeric representation of 7 is linked to the charismatic simbolic value of the number itself: beauty, truth and emotion.


Palazzo VII has a very strong intention when it comes to creating an artefact. Regarding materials, the choices differ from soft italian velvets, to satin silk and smooth maleable leathers and suedes. 


Each design was thought to keep up with the modern women cherishing her special moments of a lifetime.


Here follows a short story about our two co-founders Luísa and Carolina. Two girls who meet at the ballet classes and are passionate about fashion.


Luísa Vidal after attending Central Saint Martins College in London, she flew to Milan to complete an Intensive Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy University. Followed by interning in milanese fashion houses where she started  building her working experience along the way. On the other hand, Carolina Alves graduated in Management followed by a Masters in International Relations and Marketing, always driven by her passion in managing a business.


A concept with a story and a purpose that visually tells inumerous tales about love, romance, broken hearts and dreams that came true.